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    If you really want to see a fans message board in meltdown

    Football fan Football fans eh...fickle or what.
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    If you really want to see a fans message board in meltdown

    Not happy are they ..but in the last 4 days they've just witnessed the automatics dream slip away somewhat. Still a possibility for them but I've been keeping an eye on their forums recently and it would seem that the Lee Johnson love-in is fast fading. I came across this post match podcast last...
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    Tues Fixtures

    Final score!!
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    Tues Fixtures

    Wigan 2-1 up.
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    Critchley | Accy Preview: "We've been consistent now for a long period"

    Frustrating as it was on Saturday when it felt like we'd been mugged... as NC says they should take a lot of confidence from being comfortably the better team against a side who are playoff contenders and have been in the top three for most of the season.
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    Last chance for Accy?

    A dangerous beast Accy...especially after a mauling. Due respect to the incredible job JC does there, but the stregth and depth in our squad should pull us through.
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    Kick off time change

    I read somewhere today that the efl were trying to reschedule all their games for Friday night. I think I'd prefer that to Saturday noon personally. Sunderland also playing tomorrow so it would be the same for both teams. But.....JUST TELL US!!
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    What a mess

    Water under the bridge. Time to appreciate all the good things we have here now and see how the run in pans out...imo.
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    What time should next Saturday's games be?

    Saturday 12.30ish is probably the optimum time, with no disruption to the midweek fixtures as would be the case if the games were move to Sunday.
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    EFL games for next Saturday to be rescheduled

    Prince Philip: EFL moves next Saturday's games 'as a mark of respect' to avoid clash with funeral -
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    Sunderland blog on Blackpool concerns.

    As things stand Sunderland will be desperate to avoid the lottery of the playoffs now that they are so close to the automatic mix and this could be to our advantage psychologically. I agree though both teams will be going flat out for the 3 points.
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    How not to run a football club....anyone know anything about this book?

    Great archive from the old site there seasideone. Those Court summaries were compulsive reading at the time and it was fascinating watching the whole case unfold.
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    Thomas Ince: “I’ll try and take some notes from my dad about managing… but not too many”

    It could work too. Don't think he's felt the love since he left here.
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    Sunderland blog on Blackpool concerns. I think it's fair to say both sets of fans are a bit wary and see these two games as pivotal to the run in. Its all about what happens on the day but...
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    Tonight's : Preview Show Available now. Some good different goal angles footage.

    This show kicks off Friday evenings nicely for me so I'll look forward to it. Ged Mills always does a decent job imo and Andy Preece is also good as a co-host. Interested to hear Neil Eardly's thoughts on his time here too.