Blackpool v Hull City Official Matchnight Thread 15.12.20


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had to do a check in just as Hull scores their second and the customer must have thought Id just been sacked or something look on my face. Finished showing him to his room 5 minutes later and looked at my phone again love and satsumas to all


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Just watched that last goal again and what a goal it was all out touches and 1 touch and slipped into cj and slides it in brilliantly.

That was great stuff.


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Three different strikers scoring, who'd o' thunk? A good sign.

A great night, quite a few teams above us dropping 2 or 3 points - Hull, Lincoln, Sunderland, Ipswich, Portsmouth, Fleetwood.

Edit - as things stand! Some of those games still have half an hour....
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Great win that other teams would have hung on there for a 2-2 draw after conceding in the 90th minute, not us.

Weve beaten the top 3 now in the last few weeks.

Upwards and onwards.

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very hard fought win, players had to dig deep for that. quality goals as well. Hull are without doubt the best team we have played all season, you can see why they are top. we held our own, probably had the better of the chances in reality. You could point some fingers at the defence for their second but their left back was sticking in very good balls all night. Gretarson and Epki were immense tonight.


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The stats dont lie, more possession and more shots. The best team won and I dont think we were at our best.

Like I said on another post at the weekend, there arent 6 better teams than us, I dont think there are 2. Really exciting squad with lots of individual talent.

Thought we looked a different proposition when Madine was up with Yates, and Keshi wide. Feel a bit for Kaikai, as he too benefits from Yates and Madine. Kaikai has class and hell bounce back.