Sunderland released list


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Sunderland have today released some brilliant players for this division.

Duncan Watmore, Alim Ozturk, Kyle Lafferty, Jay Lynch and Ethan Robson are amongst those released.

Critch should definitely take a look.


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Lafferty probably is past it but some of these younger lads could become brilliant with proper coaching.


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Joel Lynch you mean.

Rather Critch steered clear of Lafferty , hoping he would target a young hungry striker ( aka Jerry Yates ) than a 30 something target man. We have Madine for that role, although I’m not overly impressed by him either.

Sunderland players were completely clueless for the early part of the season and the damage Aiden McGeady done for team spirit makes me think they are best given a wide berth of when picking through cast off players.

* spoiler alert - rather tasty language
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I was impressed with Watmore when he burst onto the scene with Sunderland. However, he's had a tough time with injuries in recent seasons and would be a gamble. Middlesbrough reported to be interested.


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From quick look at Wiki, it doesn’t seem many of them have played much this season. Watmore would be an injury gamble, I think.


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Whatmore was indeed was indeed a handful when he first burst on the scene. Some players never recover from a serious injury, ask Gnashers !


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Wouldn’t touch anyone released by Sunderland. They’ll have been overpaid and suffering from “I played for a big club, you know” syndrome.

Their ex players can go and ruin someone else’s dressing room. Lafferty a prime example.