Midfield three


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It was a simple 4-4-2 today but filling the two wide roles is a problem at the moment.
Obviously CJ will be one of them when fit but the right footed winger is a position we could strengthen.


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You’d have to play Yates out left and CJ right.
Not dissimilar to how Liverpool line up at Salah and Mane are normally close to Firminio with width from full backs.


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Still not sure there’s enough creativity in this midfield. But given time and the right coaching i definitely see them improving.


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I suppose it does go back to the argument of whether we play two up front, or three. But if we're going to play three (with Virtue in the role supporting the striker like today), it might just work. Virtue shouldn't be playing a holding role when we have Dougall, Robson and Williams who can play there.
Maybe we might start to see the best of him in a more advanced role?

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After watching today's game, could a midfield three of Dougall, Ward and Virtue get us out of this division (not necessarily this season). I think they could have the necessary ingredients. Possibly.
You've beat me to it, even though Ward had got injured we looked a lot more of a threat. Matty Virtue showed what we've been missing.


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Its still obvious to me ...3 centre halves and not letting many in...2 wing backs bombing forward...Ward and Dougall...CJ and perm the rest up for the other 3 slots...I would be Yates or Madine with Anderson and CJ just behind them supporting at pace
Marv Ballard Viking
Gabriel Garbutt
Ward Dougall
CJ Anderson


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I do think we will bring at least another two or three in who will get straight in the mix for the first 11

I would like a striker/goalscorer a right midfielder and or a quality midfield maestro to ping it about and join the play up


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3 isolated midfielders has led to most of our problems this season, for me.

The back line looks settled and sorted to me.

We have enough players for high and wide wingers, with two solid players in the centre. Dougall and Virtue for me. Harsh on Ward I know as he’s been great.

Madine, Yates and we need to add a striker in January.