Doncaster Rovers v Blackpool Official Matchnight Thread 24.11.20


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Really looking forward to watching this tomorrow. It's probably the most I have looked forward to a pool game since the comeback vs Southend.

Let's keep that momentum going pool. We have a fairly decent record at the keepmoat. I'll go for 2-0 pool.


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Taken from their forum

"Our home record against Blackpool is absolutely appalling.

In the last 10 home games against them (9 in league and 1 in cup) going back to October 2009, we have somehow managed to win 1, draw 2 and lose 7. "

Should look too continue that magnificent form against them although I think they may of missed a few games

On The Rock

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I think the starting 11 will be unchanged from Saturday and I'll go for an optimistic 0 2 with the deadly duo getting one each. Confidence is steadily beginning to grow


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All good things must come to an end. I think we'll play well not take our chances and lose by the odd goal. (probably a set piece) and have Husband sent off late on.


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I'll see if I can get it right 2 games running 0-2 & Yates first to score. I'll take any win or a draw at a push TBH 🤞


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It starts at 0-0, and all that has gone before.....has gone ! This is a toughie, and I’ll take it if it finishes as it started.

Yarmouth Seasider

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Another, what appears to be a tough game, but as I expected absolutely nothing from the Peterborough game, I almost see this as a free hit. A win would be fantastic, I'd be satisfied with a draw and not too broken hearted if we lose.
We should be full of confidence after Saturday, here's hoping the run continues 👍


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The lines are fine, as Critch keeps saying. The difference between narrow defeats and narrow wins comes down to a bit of tightening up, a chance or two taken, and the rub of the green including ref's decisions. And understanding is developing. But I don't think we were terrible in the first 8 or 9 games and I don't think we should et over confident now - we can beat anyone but I'll be more confident going into games if I felt we were capable of turning performances into goals more readily. I'm sure we will get better at that as we are doing at other parts of the game. The best three players on Saturday IMO were KD, Marv and Greta. We snuffed out the Posh threat and KD bossed the middle of the park.

We have tightened up - Marv and Greta were an excellent couple on Saturday, consummated the relationship you might say. And Ballard will wanting to make it some sort of threesme. And we have improved in midfield with Kenny D playing the tunes. Hopefully Kenny D will find his ideal partner soon. We could do with a vocalist, to give melody to Kenny's rhythm. Also seen an improvement up front including a slight improvement in chance conversion with Madine looking interested and Yates growing in confidence, Another couple who look like they have just got it together. Combinations developing.



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I went to this game last season night match with my son who bought us the tickets for my birthday.0-0 till stoppage time they had just sent Gnando on from the bench not looking lke scoring then Feeney off down the right to Gnando in the middle, 1-0 game over,great birthday.

Different team now but I`d certainly settle for another 0-1 win tonight.
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Reckon we'll struggle tonight.

Donny seem to perform best against the best teams in the division.

They have losses against Crewe and Wigan but wins against Ipswich, Charlton, Portsmouth, and Lincoln.

We're really starting to gain confidence and I still don't think we've seen the best from this team so a win wouldn't surprise me.

I do feel like we're due to hammer someone though. Most of our wins this year have been relatively close and it's only a matter of time before we put our chances away and win 5-0.



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A 1-0 win would do me if we continue to grow in confidence and sort out the partnerships on the pitch. Anything more would be gravy.

Marton Monorail

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I’d say that’s our strongest front 6.....I feel for Ward tbh, but I do feel that Robson and Dougall give the front 4 the best protection and therefore opportunity to concentrate on doing what they’re in the team to do.