Bright Osayi-Samuel


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Looks like he’s off to either Burnley or Bournemouth for £6 million plus.

I wonder if we have a sell on clause?

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No doubt direct to the Oystons rather than the club
Hopefully not. Any sell on fee should end up at the club as it was the club to which the player was registered. 3rd party ownership was outlawed precisely so these payments can’t end up going elsewhere. Even a 10% sell on profit fee could end up with the club getting £500000+.
I’m not convinced the club hasn’t ‘sold’ any sell on fee (if they even negotiated one) back to QPR though in the final days of the stains though.


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Surely we must have a sell on clause, it’s an expected part of any deal when selling a young talent. Might not get the full details but even the old owners would not have missed the opportunity for a bonus payment knowing his potential.