Boris Johnson christmas no 1


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Probably would’ve bought this in my rebellious youth. Lol. Nevertheless I’ve always thought he’s a bit of a Bounder!


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What a monumental waste of time. It’s almost like playing the man is more important than selling policies to the electorate. Little wonder Boris is sat in number ten.


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Seen him a few times at Rebellion. He doesn't usually do politics and he's definitely no liberal luvvie.
Seen him a few times, at the Bluey once if I remember right? The guys a comedy act and some here complaining would happily listen to similar stuff if it was a different genre or subject matter.
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I'm not offended, the bloke is an idiot. The main thing its, this just isn't smart. You amuse some people, and alienate three times as many. Tory HQ will love it.


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Not heard it, won't be buying it, but if it gets more buys than everyone else, then the public have spoken and there's no point moaning about it. Suck it up and get on with it.