What will the High Street look like in 5 years time?


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Enjoyed that Costero. I think the strategists are further on with what they're setting out to achieve than we give them credit for.

Something had to break or fail as you say for any reset to take place and regrettably a number of people will become collateral damage. But there will be a re-birth and Blackpool will be one of the winners. Lots of things will see to that; including global warming (earlier and longer summers/milder winters) and a UK centric approach to holidays due to life/income changes. Mill town families, old industrial heartlands will return to Blackpool en masse.

The High St will evolve - The Town & Country planning act was modified some time ago now to make allowances for expected changes in the way we shop/live. To be fair, localised secondary shopping centres have been on there way out for years. Highfield roads becoming the UK's longest bar and eatery. (Not really but you see my point)

And if youre shocked that the plebs and little folk like us end up carrying the can....


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Surprised but grateful that HMV is still standing. Been in admin a couple of times now, Blackpool shop's been cut down to just one floor


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Very sad now to walk past the old GPO building on Abingdon Street. As a kid growing up in the town it was always a hive of activity.
With WH Smith closing we won't have a Post Office in the town centre.
Change isn't always for the better.


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Regarding property use, surely there comes a point where landlords have to cut their losses or just accept that they've been caught on the wrong side of a market shift? Or is the key point, relative to the likes of Debenhams where they've committed to long-term rental deals and the landlords can afford to allow a site to remain vacant?