Virtue back


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Genuinely don’t see how he fits in. You’d imagine Dougall will be a regular fixture in the league at least, with one of Robson and Ward. The way MJ Williams played before he got injured you could argue he’s ahead of Virtue in the pecking order. Could be wrong.

Bob Hatton

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shows you the strength of squad we have now that Matty is nowhere near the first team and will need to work hard to even get on the bench. Think he is a decent player though so lets see how he reacts to the fight. I need to keep pinching myself to realise how far we have come since we got rid of the scum.


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Williams arrived and no one gave him a chance; once he got a few games under his belt and up to speed with the system he started to impress.
Ward was pretty poor at the start of the season in an unfamiliar role in a foreign system, many fans, myself included, wrote him off; he has improved immeasurably over the last few games.
Ekpiteta, Yates etc have all been written off this season and have all bounced back to impress.

There is no reason why Virtue can't contribute given time and games, he is still young and comes with a great pedigree. I thought he was one of only a few of our own players last season who came away with any credit in such a dour and uninspired system.


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Will be good to see how he takes his chance, especially playing in a team with confidence and quality players around him, which could be said has not previously been the case. I think he is a good player who can still improve.


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I’d have a fit Matty Virtue ahead of Williams to partner Dougall though I’d have both Ward and Robson way ahead of Virtue,strong squad 👍🏻