Stuart Moore


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According to Alan Nixon we’re looking at this guy as cover for Maxwell. Free agent who last played for Wealdstone.


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He plays for Reading. Was he available for free/peanuts? This guy's free.
He was available for loan, he’s now at Wimbledon on loan. If this guy’s free or not is irrelevant, it’s if he is any good. They could have me for free, but I’m hopeless, would that be ok because I’m free?


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We are planning for scenarios do we go flapping around hunting an emergency keeper if Maxwell gets injured or bed this fella in has league experience and be a safer option than the youngsters. Relatively small
Wage provides cover and only 26? So if comes good could still forge a good career


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So this is the Stuart Moore who came out miles off his line to challenge Gnanduillet. And Gnanduillet won the header which dropped into the net?

Nathan Jones royally slagged him off afterwards. Basically said he had cost them the game.


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So why are we paying wages to Sims and Fotofit when they're not good enough to play for us even in an emergency?
This is the bit that gets me, if we’re constantly looking around for other keepers why do we have two of them sitting there doing nothing and going untested?

Is it simply because we need them for the homegrown rule? If so get rid of them and use Apter, Holmes or one of the other promising kids for that.

Just seems mental to me.


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Seems like they have left a spot in the squad all season for an emergency loan if necessary. It's got to the point in the season now where we are not going to use that slot for any other signings, so might as well get in a back up keeper who has reasonable experience to compete with and push Maxwell in training. Hopefully he will the be ready to step in if needed. Barton said Fleetwoods keeper was only on £500 a week so I doubt this guy will cost a fortune.


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I imagine the homegrown player position could now be filled by an actual starlet (Apter or Holmes) we would want in the squad, so they are looking at a proper GK cover option.


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So why are we paying wages to Sims and Fotofit when they're not good enough to play for us even in an emergency?
To see who's worth keeping as 2nd/3rd choice next season as an U21 whilst the squad salary and number caps situation is clarified at a guess. Maybe that's now eased and they can look at other options.

Hopefully the link to this randomer doesn't mean Maxwell is going to be out again though.

Looks like same agent as Critchley, Garbutt, Shaw, Stewart if it's worth anything. Same firm Mansford worked for.