MJ Williams


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Don't mind this.

Was decent at Wigan last week, but overall has been mediocre at best this season and was bound to leave in the Summer anyway so good that he's gone now to free the squad spot up for someone else.

This surely means that Robson is staying and that 1-2 more players will come through the door before 11pm.


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Seems a strange one, was never going to be the best player in the squad but thought he was fairly decent cover when he filled in. Good luck to him, suppose Critch fancies Stewart over him and Robson (if he leaves too)


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Well I think he was well worth keeping. He was never going to be the sort of player who will be hitting goals in from 30 yards, but when it came to keeping possession, keeping the ball turning over and putting himself about,I thought he was very good at it.
Stewart could prove to be a massive upgrade, and it could also have been a financial decision but I would have liked to see him stay for the time being.


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I thought he did the unglamorous work well. He protected the defence and played the simple square ball for a team mate to set up an attack. I wish him well. Hopefully it will free up space/salary cap in the squad for a more creative player. Someone was always likely to leave from that position after the signing of Stewart.

Good luck to him.


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Don't think he's a bad player at all, kept it simple and broke up play.... but as others have said, since he signed we have brought in better players in that role. Dougall and now Stewart who have also both played at a higher level that we're attempting to get to so should be able to make the step up when it happens 🤞


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I thought he did well when given a chance, OK maybe we are setting our sights higher, but I am not one who will say he wasnt enough as I think he showed enough at some of his earlier games for us (at least to me) good luck and hope we don’t regret letting you go.


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When we signed him I think he had the highest stats for completed passes in the league and seeing him play its clear how he builds up those stats because he wants to get rid of the ball immediately.I wonder if he played with some nerves with us because as soon as the ball is into him he has popped off a short ball often back to the same player.

I was watching him the other night and he has real good quality when it comes to passing the ball and you’re thinking okay now turn and spread a ball out wide,hit a long one out to the winger but I felt like he was holding that side of his game back and the pass went straight back to the original man six feet away.

I’m probably way off the mark and that’s how critch wanted him to play; simple but I think with some confidence and encouragement to do it he could be splitting defences open for a team with his passing and grabbing some goals from the second balls that fall to the edge of the box.


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I thought he did a decent job when he played very steady.
Crtichley took a punt to help him stay int he game. Did alright, obviously not totally hopeless, and obviously not going to be in the team if we do challenge or go up. So the manager has a call to make, so we cash in and get better or keep.


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I thought he played well in the games he played for us, I remember when he first played it was against MK Dons and we actually started winning. However, Dougall came in after and is clearly the better player, I'd also put my money on Stewart being a better player. If I remember correctly we only signed him to a one-year deal and he was the first person we did that with under Critch, I feel we did it as he was a good backup for the squad but we never really rated him like we did other players who we offered multi-year deals to.

I think he'll do well at Bolton and get more game time, wish him all the best really!


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Agree with the previous comments I think he was a player NC was aware of and signed as a stop-gap just in case the Dougall transfer didn't go through. The recent signing of Stewart pushed him further down the pecking order so the move makes sense for all parties.


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id like to see the stats of points with and without Williams, quietly effective, ultimately with Stewart signing he was down the pecking order. Good luck to him


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Seems a strange one, was never going to be the best player in the squad but thought he was fairly decent cover when he filled in. Good luck to him, suppose Critch fancies Stewart over him and Robson (if he leaves too)
And Ward and Virtue and Dougall