Hull preview show with Ben Burgess - Friday at 8PM


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We are delighted to be joined at 8PM tomorrow by former 'Pool and Hull striker Ben Burgess to help us preview this Saturday's match between Hull City and Blackpool. Will also be chatting with BBB about his career and time at 'Pool. Have a gander on our YouTube channel below. Give us a sub as well while yer there!



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Carlton Palmer drank brandy before playing, every game - FACT!
Didn't he claim he was a world hopscotch champion once?! Sounds like an absolute head-the-ball as a manager but not in a controlled way like Holloway.

Really good point BB made about the players not being able to bond socially at the moment when it's a new group.

Imagine Gary Madine organising a night out.


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Some great insight from Ben about life as a professional footballer....what an engaging guest he was for the podcast.
Sadly the horrendous knee injuries ultimately defined his career.
When he signed for us a Blackburn fan I worked with told me about his crippling knee injury but said he would do a decent job for us. I remember thinking it couldn't be that bad otherwise he'd never have passed the it was interesting to hear Ben say that the medical was virtually waved through.
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This is very good.
It's 1 hour 30 mins long.
Skip forward a few mins and it's not about the Hull game at all.
He used to travel from Lytham to Nottingham every day, in his second season at Notts County!


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Yes, one of the best pods since the GTF-a-thon. He’s a great guest...maybe try and get him back in to review the FACup game against Brighton as he speaks a lot of sense.