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Liverpool’s Neil critchley gone to favourite on the betting not that it means much but come from nowhere that
He’s coaching already ‘coached’ players. They have a way of playing and he’s implementing the standard. Not sure about this at all.
No experience. Counts him out anyway.


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I'm trying to keep up but I've never heard of him!
Edit to add:...?.. I have now!!
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Would 1/4 not make you feel its nailed on? I'm naive with betting so not sure?

Would it also mean we would a go at Liverpools unlimited talent?

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A friend of mine works in the commercial department at LFC and hasn’t heard anything about Critchley but has said Pep Lijnders (assistant to Klopp) has recently been talking with other clubs about a move back into management. Whether Blackpool would be of interest to him I’m unsure, but he has a great pedigree and did manage in Holland’s Erstedivisie at NEC so may be open to moving downwards to kickstart his career?


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Can anyone find any good info on how he likes to play? What's his record like?
His Liverpool U-23 team plays like Liverpool. Can't be bad.

His senior management win rate is 50%. Lost 5-0 to Villa, Beat Shrewsbury 1-0. No idea what his win record as U-23 manager is like but it wouldn't count for much.


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A gamble but it could go either way, massive success or total failure, can't see there being any middle ground. Certainly interesting.