Critchley | Accy Preview: "We've been consistent now for a long period"


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What did he say.....although unbeaten in 12 games....we are consistently letting in late goals and is hoping for 2 second half clean sheets against Accrington and Sunderland blah blah blah.....sorry Im still deflated after Saturday.


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I suppose consistent is fine but we need to be better than consistent and really start to ramp things up before the final match as if we do get in the Play Offs, we know from previous seasons that it is all about momentum.


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We’re doing well, no question about that, but consistency works both ways and were consistently throwing away 2 points at home by letting in late goals. Either defend leads better in the last minutes, or preferably score more so it doesn’t matter if they score late.

King Billy

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If we can not completely retreat in the last 15 mins like we are defending a lead against fuckin Man City that would be a bonus 👍


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Great run we are on and playing some really attractive football but our achilles heal is letting in too many late goals that could cost us. I’ve said it many times before but we are missing a true leader on the pitch in an outfield position with experience who could dictate the final 10/15 minutes taking the younger players along with him.


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Frustrating as it was on Saturday when it felt like we'd been mugged... as NC says they should take a lot of confidence from being comfortably the better team against a side who are playoff contenders and have been in the top three for most of the season.


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Interesting to read on here over the weekend from one poster that Accrington were 'there for the taking' after Saturday's drubbing.

Critch says in his interview that the last time Accy got dicked (against Peterborough) they took 4 points from the next two matches, one being an away win @ Oxford.

Itll be another test tonight but one I feel we should come out the other end with the 3 points but don't expect a 6 or 7-0