Condolences Charlie


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That explains a tweet I saw last week about his goal being at the end of a bad week. Brave of him to play, but it no doubt spurred him on. Sad news


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That’s really really sad.
Condolences Charlie, and family. Life can be very painful sometimes. RIP your mum.
Sending you love x


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Condolences Charlie she would be proud of your career remember her fondly it will be a strange Xmas for you and your family.


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Sounds just like how I lost my mum all be it many years ago, such a terrible disease.
Condolences to C A and his the family.


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Very sad. RIP.
6 years ago my mum developed a yellow complexion overnight. She was diagnosed the next day with liver and bowel cancer. She passed away just 10 days later in the Vic, being too ill to move back home. Horrible disease cancer


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Condolences to Charlie & Family. Hopefully, some time next year it would be great to have a reunion game with the 2010/11Premier League team.


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For a man of his age Charlie has had to deal with a lot of pain and grief. Many condolences Charlie. Always one of our own 🧡🤍🧡🤍

RIP Mrs Adam 😔