A credible gazette football alternative


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Just testing the water for a project I’ve been working on.

With the gazette implementing their paywall and excessive advertising, would you be interested in a BFC news page featuring similar news content, as well as the option for other fans to contribute?

This would be created professionally and well maintained, also optimised for phone/tablet etc.

Appreciate any feedback, cheers.


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To be honest I get all my BFC news off here and Twitter. Haven't looked at the official BFC site, let alone the Gazette site for years.


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I'll bump this one. I have thought (dreamt) what it might be like to have a decent footie paper for the town, with decent journos and ex-players (I don't discount Matt Scrafton here), and lots of content. Maybe a weekly, like the Green but not focussed on the after-match issues, rather a mix of post-match, pre-next match and general stuff. I'd like to think I'd buy it. However, as has been mentioned, can it compete with t'internet?
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