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  1. I bleed Tangerine

    Youth team

    Sky Sinclair has been offered a pro contract with us according to his dad. Jak Wood look like he's been let go by the club. Seem to be making decisions about the youth team now, ready to get recruiting in the summer. Feel sorry for Jak though, been with us since he was 8. Was told that he was...
  2. I bleed Tangerine

    At what point do we move on.

    I'm probably opening a can of worms here, but at what point do we move on as a fan base from just being grateful that we have our club back? I'll start this by saying that I think Sadler is one of the best owners in English football and I believe the club is being ran very well. However when...
  3. I bleed Tangerine

    Youth Players on the bench for Brighton?

    Luke Mariette has just posted on IG in a hotel room in Brighton. Be nice to see a few of the younger lads on the bench tomorrow.
  4. I bleed Tangerine

    Ballard wants to stay

    Latest article by Scrafton says that Ballard want to extend till the end of the season. Would be huge for us if we can make it happen. I would say he's our best CH. Hopefully it happens.
  5. I bleed Tangerine

    Iconic Players

    My mum is doing a painting of iconic Blackpool players and managers. She is going to donate it to the Armfield club once its done. Looking for about 50 past players and mangers to go onto the picture. Just wondering who you would like to have on it.