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  1. Potts Must Go

    Hands up if you can think of a better season since 2011/12

    Nope, didn't think so. Me neither. Everyone can see we have been very poor the last few games with the exception of Sunderland where I thought we did well. I know its really frustrating that we can see it and we know what the opposition is going to do, and how many teams can break us...
  2. Potts Must Go

    Joey Barton's Its only a Derby When Blackpool Win Appreciation Thread leave your thanks here..

    Pick the bones out of that one then cheif... Haha Cheers 🍻 Bring on his post match interview. I'm looking forward to it. Oh, and see you Tuesday. Same again ??
  3. Potts Must Go

    Gary Madine to score at anytime and us to win tonight: 6/1

    Same Game Multi Bet 6/1 with Paddy Power, I think I'll have a nibble later, any more takers ? Jerry Yates to score at anytime and us to win is 11/2 if that's more your bag. Both decent odds. On current form, if they score we'll win. 👍
  4. Potts Must Go

    Cant beleive we missed the 20th Anniversary of .....

    Barnet away. 7-0. 11th November 2000 I'm not gonna lie, I wasmt there myself, and its debatable how long I'd have stayed in the ground if I was when it became obvious we were gonna get dicked. Cant remember how the scoring went but presume we were at least a couple down by half time...
  5. Potts Must Go

    Seasiders Play On Grass

    Just reading that Eastbourne use a 4G pitch and that reminded me of the T Shirts that were around circa 1986 or 87 around the time of PNE etc having plastic pitches "Seasiders Play On Grass" featuring a large Cannabis Plant with the Tower Badge in the background. Didnt have one myself but I...
  6. Potts Must Go

    On This Day 30 Years Ago.

    Following on from recent threads about likely AVFTT over reactions to bad results in the past if the site had existed, and the worst games ever seen etc. Whilst looking up my particular low point yesterday, bizarrely I noticed that it was actually 30 years ago today... Halifax 5 Blackpool...
  7. Potts Must Go

    Stats Today.

    Just seen the stats . We had 70% possession but that doesn't tell the story. Most of that was tip tapping it across the back three or four in the first third of our own half. Zero. Yes Zero clear cut chances. Gillingham won 20 fouls. Inexperience lost us that game, and shithouse...
  8. Potts Must Go

    No Chisnall on ifollow commentary!!

  9. Potts Must Go

    Bet: CJ to score at anytime...

    Backed him at 16/5 to score anytime. Must be worth a dabble surely ?
  10. Potts Must Go

    Joy Division. Closer. 40th Anniversary

    Listening to the full album now and following Tim Burgess's listening party on Twitter.. I was more of an Unknown Pleasures fan myself, but listening now, two albums that both were so influential even to this day. They sound like they were recorded next week, not 40yrs ago. Side two of...
  11. Potts Must Go

    Strange Kit Decisions

    Following on from a couple of threads recently about kits, any one remember these bizarre occasions ... Chesterfield away, circa 1991/2 we played in Tangerine Shirts, and Green Shorts!! I kid you not. It was probably due to some jobsworth official saying that our white shorts clashed with...