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  1. Potts Must Go

    The Bookies obsession with 'big clubs'

    Bookmakers would have had more liabilities built up over the season on Sunderland than anyone else, that's one of the reasons why they are favourites. They stand to lose more on them, and limit the exposure now its a four horse race to avoid further losses by making them a shorter price...
  2. Potts Must Go

    Going to Oxford

    I think it was Sunderland fans who travelled down this season and parked up in the carpark behind the end with no stand and got a full view of the match stood on top of a van 🤣
  3. Potts Must Go

    Decent support outside the ground

    FAO Mods. You might as well delete my post above in its entirety rather than editing it without my permission ffs. You might also delete todaystheday's hollow "get well post" as he was the one one that posted the shit post in the first place that prompted all these heated responses , like I...
  4. Potts Must Go

    Decent support outside the ground

    Get behind the lad who has suffered what is potentially a serious injury. Edit: Please don't bother liking this post as it got moderated by the " lovely wobbly old ladies" who check these things when they decided they didn't like the original call out by me against a bang out of order...
  5. Potts Must Go

    Decent support outside the ground

    Hear hear. Doesn't sound great. 😟.
  6. Potts Must Go

    Play off final not at Wembley ?

    If this happens its a shit decision and sums up modern football, everyone has to jump to accommodate the greed league. Just play it at Wembley either the following mid week or week after would be the sensible call, but that doesn't suit Far Eastern tv schedules does it. Or at least, move it to...
  7. Potts Must Go

    Blackpool v Doncaster Official Matchnight Thread 04.05.21

    I'm with you on Turton. He wants to get one by the end of the season , I saw him in an interview a couple of weeks back and he said as much, and he's had some half chances recently. I know its unlikely but were in crazy times. He's usually 25/1 to score at any time during a game. That's...
  8. Potts Must Go

    Bristol Rovers game

    Play full strength in both games, make changes after 75mins if both games are in the bag, finish as high as we can, keep the momentum going and let the other teams in the play offs worry about us. The Play Offs are the 18th and 19th of May, that's nine days rest after the Bristol game on...
  9. Potts Must Go

    Anybody on here remember Bipins curry house

    Yep. Poor old Bipin, he got dogs abuse. Loved talking about Cricket, he was from Bangladesh. Was in there once and someone walked out the door with the Xmas Tree still plugged in! They had the original Space Invader machine in there, and onion bhajis and Indian deserts in the display...
  10. Potts Must Go

    Darlington 0 Blackpool 4 1st May 1985. The relevance?

    Was that the last time you had one !!
  11. Potts Must Go

    Darlington 0 Blackpool 4 1st May 1985. The relevance?

    Hereford lost on the Friday night, and we were up. Theres pictures somewhere on the Old Pictures thread of the pich invasion at the end of the Torquay game. Great day.
  12. Potts Must Go

    Hands up if you can think of a better season since 2011/12

    Nope, didn't think so. Me neither. Everyone can see we have been very poor the last few games with the exception of Sunderland where I thought we did well. I know its really frustrating that we can see it and we know what the opposition is going to do, and how many teams can break us...
  13. Potts Must Go

    The Run In - stacked against us.

    There will be twists yet. Accrington will have a say in the final outcome. They've got too much to do themselves, but they are at home to Portsmouth and Charlton this week. Charlton's whole run in is difficult. From some where we need to pull out a result on Tuesday, if we did that, then...
  14. Potts Must Go

    Last time we beat Shrewsbury Town?

    Steamgun. Isn't your picture from that game ?? On Phil Heywood Photography site there is a load of pictures from games from 1979, there was loads of the Shrewsbury game including of a mini pitch invasion and a kid in mid air jumping backwards !! Just looked for it now, and access is...
  15. Potts Must Go

    Last time we beat Shrewsbury Town?

    Correct, it was a Wednesday night, I went. We were in mid table obscurity but I think the appeal of going was with them being top of the table and also possibly on a really good FA Cup run, I think they knocked out Man City on a frost pitch covered in straw, and then played the Cup Holders...
  16. Potts Must Go

    Actually better off than when we kicked off tonight......

    Do you mean Rotherham is still there frozen in time, or just that bar 🤣🤣🤣
  17. Potts Must Go

    Actually better off than when we kicked off tonight......

    I remember more about going in the worst bar I've ever been in that that night, down that alley near the away end. It made Morty's Bar look like The Waldorf.
  18. Potts Must Go

    Actually better off than when we kicked off tonight......

    Hopefully by the time "Joey Barton's Bristol Rovers" roll into town we'll be safely secured in the top six and we will rest a few players. I actually think we will be guaranteed a play off spot with two games to spare and i'm not bothered who we would meet in the play offs either, let them all...
  19. Potts Must Go

    Rochdale v Blackpool Official Matchnight Thread 20.04.21

    Hold your nerve, one chance for Yates and were in.