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  1. Grayth


    Any suggestions for proven goal makers willing to join a League One team, @paulco?
  2. Grayth

    Ellis Simms

    If we're honest, this is a bit of a punt. Unlikely to immediately step in and unlikely to improve the first XI, but he'll get chances off the bench and if he makes an impact, scores a few and earns the odd start, it's a good signing. Nothing lost by taking a chance on him. Whether or not he has...
  3. Grayth

    Players you liked despite the consensus saying that they were bobbins

    Yeah Kingson cost us some points and won us others. He was bad, but not Sasa Ilic. I never thought Rob Clare was that bad.
  4. Grayth


    Kyle Joseph. Wigan striker.
  5. Grayth


    Truly the most gallingly pretentious of bellends.
  6. Grayth

    oi NFL clique

    He looks better than I expected but Buccs will pull away.
  7. Grayth

    oi NFL clique

    Weekend winners: Bills, Seahawks, Buccs, Ravens, Saints, Steelers Chiefs to beat Buccs in the Super Bowl.
  8. Grayth

    Is Ekpiteta pronounced EggPotato?

    No, it's pronounced as it's spelled, Ek-pi-tet-a and people (especially those in broadcasting) should make the effort to pronounce his name correctly as they should any other. It's not that hard.
  9. Grayth

    Who's been our naughtiest player?

    Hoolahan and Parker were right bad eggs.
  10. Grayth

    Ex PNE players who played for us you quite liked

    Mike Conroy falls in the awful category. As for the good ones, agree on Jacko and Maxwell. Good players.
  11. Grayth


    Plenty of speed and power, but needs a lot of work technically and mentally.
  12. Grayth

    Link for today's game

    Thanks for this. Caught the end. Job well done.
  13. Grayth

    Chissy in normal life

    Yep. He just can't handle any sighting of the colour pink. Foams at the mouth. Which improves his commentary tbf. And if you have a barnet that isn't short back and sides, you'll get the "in my day" treatment as well.
  14. Grayth

    MJ Williams

    Should be used to playing under the Northern Lights.
  15. Grayth

    Blackpool v Ipswich Official Matchday Thread 10.10.20

    Worrying stuff. Ipswich absolutely rock-solid, mistake-free stuff. We look like a team of kids. Worst time to play them and it's still early days. But there are 0 good signs about where this team can go. The team is everything you don't want your team to be. Shambolic at the back, completely...
  16. Grayth

    New signing just announced Daníel Grétarsson

    Nowhere near old enough. And if he's not left-footed we're definitely getting relegated.
  17. Grayth

    Daniel Ballard signs

    This knackered old fart also has to be fast enough to play a high line.
  18. Grayth

    Too much time on my hands Football questions

    3. Did we beat Brighton in the Riga Revolution year?
  19. Grayth

    The signed for us but never played for us roll of dishonour

    Andy Lonergan and Paul Gerrard are the two that came to mind. Bignot wasn't in the Prem squad. He signed the summer after along with about 40 others, including Craig Sutherland, Gerardo Bruna etc. Paul Anderson from City signed on loan and played about 4 minutes.
  20. Grayth

    Left footers

    Jesus wept. Van Persie scored with his right from time to time. Sarkic is right-footed but capable of striking a ball with his left foot.