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  1. SeasideTizz

    Its all a bit average isn't it?

    Utter bollox about Ward and Robson
  2. SeasideTizz

    Players we could lose for free this summer

    I don’t think Kai Kai’s a player we’d miss much and he’s apparently on a good wage.his commitment on the pitch a lot of the time is questionable to me.
  3. SeasideTizz

    Midfield three

    Virtue is nowhere near the standard of KDH,sorry but he just isn’t.
  4. SeasideTizz

    MJ Williams

    Can't say i'd be disappointed if true,Northampton are one of the poorest sides in this division,says it all.
  5. SeasideTizz

    Shrewsbury Town v Blackpool Official Matchnight Thread 29.12.20

    Some we win Some we lose We’ve some squad here at the minute though,really confident in this bunch of players. Keep the faith UTP
  6. SeasideTizz

    Shrewsbury Town v Blackpool Official Matchnight Thread 29.12.20

    feel sorry for walker there,ffs follow the ball,shit defending
  7. SeasideTizz

    Shrewsbury Town v Blackpool Official Matchnight Thread 29.12.20

    Come on the mighty pooool
  8. SeasideTizz

    Lee Mason

    Crikey,could you imagine what he’d be like if he’d had some of the utter shite we’ve been served up with recently.he is of course correct though and it needs looking into because quite a lot of referees are simply not good enough for the job.
  9. SeasideTizz

    The Hull Gap

    Think with a few shrewd additions next month we could challenge for the title.
  10. SeasideTizz


    Wouldn’t say he’s been the most consistent at times myself but his recent form has been brilliant.
  11. SeasideTizz

    Today's Team News.

    Showing his favouritism again playing Virtue,hopefully he has a good game. UTP
  12. SeasideTizz

    OT - Canelo v Smith

    Different ball game here for Smith,can see him taking a beating.
  13. SeasideTizz


    The fact he signed on a 3+1 makes it even more sweater.
  14. SeasideTizz

    Blackpool v Hull City Official Matchnight Thread 15.12.20

    Fantastic character shown once again today,brilliant 3 points
  15. SeasideTizz

    Which is the hardest postcode? 👊

    FY4 no doubt
  16. SeasideTizz

    2 ponts dropped that

    Not sure why he brought Virtue on or why he was even selected on the bench?he's only played 45 min of football this season,bizarre decision as was starting Woodburn,clearly got his fav's Critchley.
  17. SeasideTizz

    Turton (again)

    He’s been a different player the last few games,I’ve not been his biggest fan either but as much as I’d like to see Gabriel get a run I’ve no problem with Turton if he continues to play like he has been,big IF mind.
  18. SeasideTizz

    Strength in Depth

    I'd be very worried if Maxwell got an injury or suspension,can see Simms turning out to be another Halstead,without sounding harsh he'll never be a number 1 here and will probably move on to a bottom league 2 side or worse non league.
  19. SeasideTizz

    Cods twitter

    What a pathetic bunch
  20. SeasideTizz

    Virtue back

    I’d have a fit Matty Virtue ahead of Williams to partner Dougall though I’d have both Ward and Robson way ahead of Virtue,strong squad 👍🏻