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    Hull City v Blackpool Official Matchday Thread 16.01.21

    Come on us what you're made of lad.
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    OK I'll arbitrate. Turton is better defensively and has more experience. Gabriel looks comfortable on the ball, has good attacking qualities and a decent future ahead imo. I like them both actually and would definitely hang on to Gabriel.
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    Hull City v Blackpool Official Matchday Thread 16.01.21

    We managed to haul ourselves within 8 points of Hull when we beat them in December and now we have to beat them again just to keep that 8 point differential. The three league games since then have cost us dear. If they play as well as they did against West Brom though they are more than capable...
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    Hull preview show with Ben Burgess - Friday at 8PM

    Some great insight from Ben about life as a professional footballer....what an engaging guest he was for the podcast. Sadly the horrendous knee injuries ultimately defined his career. When he signed for us a Blackburn fan I worked with told me about his crippling knee injury but said he would do...
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    Kyle Vassell

    Actually only 27 which surprised me. He could be ok for Fleetwood IF he stays fit.
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    60 years ago ...

    DaveP....I should have read the article before posting. It mentions the game at home to Wolves which was abandoned after 9 minutes due to fog. It was a midweek night game and it was what they called a pea-souper back then.
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    60 years ago ...

    Dave....didn't he make his debut in a home game that was abandoned due to fog?
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    What a comeback!

    Happy days!
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    4th Round Draw Sweespstake

    Chorley home or away would be great for both Clubs. Local derby, minimal travel, and after Chorley's giant killing in round 3 almost guaranteed TV coverage on BBC. Plus very winnable and a potential £90k in the pot.
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    Bez Luballa

    He must be catching the eye in training to be given a start. He's obviously still raw but I like his energy and enthusiasm. If his skills can be harnessed and he is receptive to being coached and developed he could be a bit special.
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    James Husband

    Happy to have both. Husband shades it defensively but Garbutt gives more quality at set pieces which is one area we are lacking in. Husband's two sendings off are an issue though....both proved to be very costly.
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    To Chizz or not to Chizz

    It was one of them t' be fur.
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    Anglo Italian Cup 1971

    Thanks for that...I did wonder when typing and should have checked it out first. Apologies.
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    Anglo Italian Cup 1971

    Three memories of that tournament. 1. Suddick's wonder goal, in the 10-0 Lanerossi game, sadly not recorded for posterity. 2. Being both overjoyed at the final being televised live from Italy by the BBC, a big deal in those days, and infuriated when they went straight back to the Saturday night...
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    Jordan Thompson

    "always had it in his locker"...Chissyism!
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    Maxwell and Virtue test positive

    Not good news. Maxwell is fundamental to the way we play and will be missed for his attacking instincts and distribution. I wish both players a speedy recovery.
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    Ooo-err! Forgive me I am old. I'll go for Charlie then.
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    A good few contenders but Peter Lorimer was regarded as the man with the hardest shot in football for a while.
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    Condolences Charlie

    RIP Condolences to Charlie and his family.
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    The Hull Gap

    ...and still just about under the radar.