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    Should we scrap the Monarchy?

    Seen as an admins seen fit to remove my thread regarding the petition yesterday, here it is again. Petition "This should be a universally accepted truth in a democracy: No one should inherit public office. Everything else is just detail."
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    US Civil Rights groups rally against new surveillance/security laws

    No Patriot Act 2.0 After Capitol Hill insurrection US Civil Rights groups rally against new security laws in light of the attempted Capitol Hill insurrection. We know from the original Patriot Act, the Snowden leaks, Wikileaks Vault 7 etc. that these laws are routinely used to curtail our...
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    Your last concert

    Iron Maiden, Manchester 2017. Was supposed to see Lamb of God & Faith No More last year
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    Critchley stick or twist ?

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    Little known musical gems 🎸 🎧 🎵 🎶

    Shpongle - A New Way to Say Hooray!
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    Boris Johnson christmas no 1

    Seems my earlier thread got deleted. Anti-Boris Christmas single by K and the Gang now in the top 10. Info:
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    An independent North: Poll

    In the wake of the foundation of the Northern Independence Party and Covid exposing the North/South divide even further, I think it's time for an all important AVFTT poll. If we were to have a referendum on Northern independence, how would you vote and why? Personally I've been in favour of a...
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    Legendary bands who played in Blackpool

    Who are some legendary acts who you remember playing in the town over the years, or might have seen? Jimi Hendrix played the Winter Gardens in the 60s, Black Sabbath, Rolling Stones famously got banned after a mini riot. The Beatles at the old ABC
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    Planning for when this is all over

    Damn. Sorry to hear this man
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    What will the High Street look like in 5 years time?

    Surprised but grateful that HMV is still standing. Been in admin a couple of times now, Blackpool shop's been cut down to just one floor
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    Planning for when this is all over

    In light of the awful year that has been 2020, the loss of our freedoms and everything closing down due to the rona, anyone else feel like maybe they had been taking their lives for granted before hand? Personally I feel like I've wasted too much time over the years, so have started planning...
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    Fansonline avftt

    Can't seem to access it on my phone at the moment. Has it closed down now?
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    Flexi Ticket

    Does anyone know if there will a flexi ticket for this season? Due to personal circumstances aswell as the ongoing restrictions this might be better value for me this season